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Green Field Reserve, Inc. is a 501c(3) non-profit, with articles of incorporation and a federal tax identification number available upon request. All contributions to Green Field Reserve, Inc. are tax-deductible and will be issued a receipt for use when filing your taxes.



Our rescues are primarily centered on exotic species but we have rescued everything from a sea turtle and an equestrian horse. Our philosophy is summed up with this phrase:




Many times the simplest route for many is to euthanize an animal that serves no further purpose. Our commitment is to help every unwanted pet or entertainment used animal find permanent healthy homes after they are discarded where they can live out their lives in peace.

Maintaining the medical attention that some of these animals need is a huge responsibility. Your donations help offset the cost of long term care for our animals. Most often GFR is their last Chance. All the costs associated with rescuing and helping these animals are raised through private funding. We are very much indebted to the individuals and corporate sponsorship who have committed to support us. Without their generous contributions we would not have the high success rate of recovery and placement.  We invite you to join the GFR team and become a financial partner in our work. 

We provide a Safe Habitat.

Many of the animals rescue would not survive in the wild because they were born in captivity. So providing a safe environment for them to rehabilitate and live with us is their only option.

The enclosures and pens for our tigers meet and exceed the specifications mandated by the Fish and Game and the USDA.


Animal-Assisted Therapy.

Green Field Reserve seizes every opportunity to showcase the animals for assisted therapy services. We receive many invites and speaking engagements. Children are receptive to animals and are very responsive to interaction with animals. Green Field Reserve makes on site visits to facilities for both children and adults who would benefit from animal assisted therapy. The best part of the visit is the amount of interaction time with the animals. This is truly the highlight and what is enjoyed the most. Very special memories are made during our visit. Animals are a tremendous inspiration and bring happiness and healing to many difficult situations. Green Field Reserve has also been a participant for Make a Wish Foundation.


Insured & Certified.

Travis Carlson is our Executive Director and the animals’ strongest advocate. His dedication to wildlife goes back two decades.

    • GFR is ESA (Endangered Species Act) licensed and insured to work with Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 animals.
    • GFR has been called upon by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to help rescue and place animals.